Degnon Terminal



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  1. Empire Carpet
  2. Peel Richards
    1. Moldtronics
  3. Waldes Kohlinoor
  4. Ross Togs
  5. A.A. Cohen
    1. Formulite Paper Corp.
  6. Executone
  7. Staley Elevator
  8. Conran Supply
  9. Best Wholesale
    1. Masbrook Wholesale
    2. Saxon Paper
  10. Principe Danna
  11. Sunshine Biscuit (Garage)
  12. Sunshine Biscuit (Factory)
  13. Bell River Corp.
  14. American Chicle Corp.
  15. Equitable Paper Corp.
  16. Wheeling Corrugated
  17. Gimbel Bros.
  18. R.H. Macy
  19. Simons
  20. Concrete Steel
  21. Phillip A. Hunt
    1. Saxon Paper
  22. Standard Wine & Liquor
  23. Harrison Building
  24. J.H. Rhodes
  25. Hunters Point Steel
  26. Standard Folding Box Company
  27. United Parcel
  28. Star Liquor
  29. Viking Criterion Paper

Enterance to Degnon Terminal

Overgrown grass on Degnon Terminal lead Degnon Terminal track Switches near enterance to Degnon Terminal Enterance to Degnon Terminal

Empire Carpet

INDUSTRIAL REALTY BOUGHT IN QUEENS; Former Plant of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Purchased by Carpet Company WAS HELD AT $250,000 Cash Is Paid for Building in Long Island City With 110,000 Square Feet

January 10, 1942, Saturday Section: BUSINESS FINANCIAL, Page 28, 252 words

A large Long Island City industrial property, built just after the last war and occupied for some years by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, has just passed into new hands in an all-cash deal involving a consideration in the neighborhood of $250,000.

NY Times Archive

Peel Richards, Ltd.


September 16, 1947, Tuesday Section: BUSINESS-REAL ESTATE, Page 38, 189 words

Peel Richards, Ltd., distributors of wines and liquors, have purchased the one-story structure containing- approximately 35000 square feet on Pearson Place ...

NY Times Archive


Waldes Kohlinoor

Might be spelled Waldes-Kohinoor

Waldes Kohinoor, Inc.
47-16 Austel Place
Long Island City, N.Y. 11101

Manufactured snap rings and retaining rings used in chain saws (info)

Manufacturer of zippers, buttons, and hooks, for the clothing industry (info)

Film: New York Making fastening devices for men's clothes. Wearing Madras shirts and Ivy League trousers make fashion statement; apparel industry. Waldes Kohinoor, Inc., Long Island City, NY. Reel #335

Waldes created the retaining ring industry during WWII. -- source
Looking down Pearson Pl at corner of 27th St

Ross Togs

Track bumper at corner of 27th Ave and Pearson Pl.

A.A. Cohen

Formulite Paper Corp.


Staley Elevator

Conran Supply

Best Wholesale

Also listed as Held Warehouse.

Masbrook Wholesale

Saxon Paper

Principe Danna

4717 27th Street
Long Island City, NY 11101-4410
Phone: (718) 729-4410

In 1946 Mr. (Frank) Principe founded the Principe-Danna concrete company in Long Island City, Queens. (source)

Sunshine Biscuit (Garage)

Sunshine Biscuit (Factory)

LIRR SW-1001 #103 in Degnon Terminal LIRR SW-1001 #103 in Degnon Terminal

Bell River Corp.

American Chicle Corp.

LIRR SW-1001 #103 in Degnon Terminal

Equitable Paper Corp.

LEASE IN LONG ISLAND CITY; Paper Bag and Hosiery Mills Rent Buildings

March 23, 1943, Tuesday Section: business financial, Page 30, 69 words

The building containing about 17000 square feet of space at 47-30 Twenty-ninth Street, Long Island City, Queens, was leased to the Equitable Paper Bag

NY Times Archive

Wheeling Corrugated

Gimbel Bros.

GIMBEL BUYS WAREHOUSE; Acquires James Butler Property In Long Island City

March 12, 1937, Friday Page 32, 140 words

Gimbel Bros., Inc., at a trustee's sale before Henry C. Frey, referee, yesterday purchased the James Butler Grocery Company's ware house at Nelson Avenue and SchoolStreet, Long Island City.

NY Times Archive

DAWN-TO-DUSK BARGAINS; Thousands Attend the $315,000 Warehouse Sale of Gimbels

April 15, 1951, Sunday Page 74, 127 words

Items ranging from nylon hose to television sets brought thousands of New Yorkers to Gimbels warehouse, 4?-02 Thirty-first Place, Long Island City, ...

NY Times Archive

GIMBELS SALE TODAY; Variety of Bargains in Offering at L.I. City Warehouse

May 20, 1950, Saturday Section: Business & Finance, Page 23, 125 words

Gimbels will hold a warehouse sale of housewares, furniture, sporting goods, ... items today at its Long Island City warehouse, 47-02 Thirty-first Place.

NY Times Archive

R.H. Macy


Concrete Steel

Phillip A. Hunt

Saxon Paper

Standard Wine & Liquor

Harrison Building

J.H. Rhodes

Hunters Point Steel

Standard Folding Box Company

United Parcel

Star Liquor

Establisted by Abe Rosenberg and several partners, Star Liquor Dealers in Long Island City shortly after the sale of liquor became legal again in 1933 with the repeal of Prohibition. They eventually moved the business to Syosset, L.I., and renamed it Star Industries. Reference

Viking Criterion Paper

QUEENS SITE SOLD TO PAPER CONCERN; Viking Company Buys 2-Story Building on Van Dam St. -- Other Deals on Island October 25, 1955, Tuesday Page 54, 280 words A two-story building containing about 55,000 square feet of space at 48-34 Van Dam Street in Long Island City, Queens, has been purchased by the Viking Paper Company, wholesaler and jobber of paper and allied products. The sellers were the estate of Ernest Katz and the Bayonne Steel Company. NY Times Archive